Janet R. Welles Ph.D. Licensed Psychotherapist, Mental Health Counselor MH 5921, National Certification #60246
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In my psychotherapy practice I help people identify and address obstacles that prevent them from realizing their goals. Often when people suffer from depression, anxiety, shame, or guilt, they are also experiencing a broad range of self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. Additionally they may feel irritable or disillusioned in relationships with friends, family, and work. When men and women feel blocked, leading a life that is rich in creativity can be difficult. To feel authentically to express the self and to have a sense of personal validity with freedom can be fleeting.

My Approach
I offer a safe place to explore and make sense of the difficulties that are experienced in life. My approach to therapy frequently involves working collaboratively. In this way I can then provide feedback, ideas, and observations. At the same time clients are free (and encouraged) to develop their own insights, ideas, and solutions either based on our dialogues or from their own inner thinking and/or feelings. Attention is paid to alcohol and drug issues when appropriate.